Urine Therapy for Weight Loss! Canadian Woman Claims She Lost 60 Kg by Drinking Her Own Pee (Watch Video)
Canadian woman claims she lost half her body weight by drinking urine. (Photo Credits: Media Drums/YouTube Video)

Losing weight is a difficult ordeal and some struggle for years. From hardcore exercising to crash dieting, people do everything to shed a few pounds. With the growing internet craze and fads across social media platforms, more and more people are trying various hacks to achieve their desired weight goal. But the latest we’ve heard is an obese woman lost half of her body weight by drinking her urine. Yes, you read that right. Leah Sampson from Canada weighed 120 kilos and claims that she lost nearly half her body weight through drinking her own urine. US Woman 'Cures' Acne By Applying Pee On Face! Here's What You Should Know About Urine Therapy.

As reported by The Sun, Leah was so obese that she was unable to brush her hair. Before revamping what she ate, the 46-year-old lived her life indulging in a standard American diet of beef, pork and chicken. She suffered from chronic fatigue due to her weight. One day her arms and hands had become so numb that she couldn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair and she didn’t want to live anymore. In 2013, the mum of two discovered urine therapy and decided to give it a shot. Can Cow Urine Cure Cancer? Gomutra Better Than Chemotherapy Says Gujarat University.

Watch Video of Her Morning Routine of Urine Weight Loss

Speaking about being overweight Leah told The Sun, “Before I decided to lose weight, I felt invisible and sick. The larger I became the more people ignored me which isolated me even more. This in turn fuelled me to eat more food which would give me a temporary feeling of happiness.” Leah received a YouTube video link of the therapy from a friend. “I stood up in the bathtub, urinated into my hands and drank it. I noted immediately that I ingested too much sodium and vowed to begin removing sodium from my diet immediately,” Leah said.

Describing how she collected her urine, she said: “I capture my urine midstream after 3am, drink about half of it, and then sip the rest of it throughout the day, brushing my teeth whilst also swishing my mouth and gargling with it.” Not only does she drink her urine, she also takes bath with at night and rinses her eyes and cleans her skin with urine. Leah is now a life coach and often receives compliments on her new figure. Although there is no scientific or medical evidence that urine therapy can help people lose weight, she credits this method for her new-found confidence.