The coronavirus has gripped everyone’s attention. The rising number of cases, shows how easy it is for the virus to spread and dangerously affects a human body. With no immediate vaccine available, nations are asked to stay at home and follow social distancing guidelines, in a hope to at least contain the spread. However, we have unfortunately witnessed incidents where people are seen gathering in crowds, not following the essential guidelines, which in turn increases the risk of the virus to spread, causing COVID-19 to patients. To make people understand how deadly the virus is, Mike Schultz, a San Franciso based nurse and coronavirus survivor, decided to share a before and after photo on Instagram. The dramatic change in his physique displays how the virus can ravage the body. UK Man Shares 'Unorthodox' Symptoms of Coronavirus He Documented Before Being Rushed to the Hospital in Critical Condition. 

In March this year, Schultz visited his boyfriend in Boston. He began experiencing cold-like symptoms and fever. He even struggled to breathe. Schultz was tested positive for coronavirus and was also diagnosed with pneumonia in both the lungs, reported He was placed on a ventilator to aid his breathing. Six weeks later, after he was recovered, he weighed himself. From 190 pounds, he weighs 140 pounds. Smiling in a throng of tattooed, toned torsos, Schultz took a selfie of himself, collaging with an old picture of his masculine body. Is Red Rash a Symptom of Coronavirus? Dermatologists Fear Changes in Skin Condition Could Indicate COVID-19. 

“I wanted to show everyone how badly being sedated for 6 weeks on a ventilator or intubated can be. Amongst other things, covid19 reduced my lung capacity with pneumonia. Over 8 weeks I’ve been away from family and friends Getting stronger everyday and working to increase my lung capacity. I’ll get back to where I was in healthier ways this time....maybe even do cardio,” his Instagram post was read.

Here's the Pic:

Coronavirus is a deadly virus and has made millions of its victims. Schultz’s before and after Instagram post shows how the virus can ravage one’s body. It isn't easy, but staying at home and maintaining social distancing protocols are the only way to flatten the curve, so that things go back to normalcy.

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