Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Basil Seeds (Sabja) to Lose Weight
Basil Seed (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Most of us often find discussions on weight loss boring. Losing weight may seem like an impossible task. However, to lose weight you have to just follow the basics: exercise and eat right. As far as the latter is concerned, using natural ingredients with weight loss properties can help us shed some pounds. Having said that let us discuss on the magic weight-loss feature of basil seeds, which is also known as sabja in Hindi. The rich fibre property in Basil Seeds makes it weight-loss friendly. Let us discuss below, how you could help yourself lose weight by bringing sabja in daily use. Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Cardamom (Elaichi) to Lose Weight.

Basil seeds or sabja contain a high amount of fibre which will keep you full throughout the day and at the same time reduce your appetite. So it can curb overeating.  Apart from its weight loss properties, basil seed is also good for skin, it also helps relieve constipation, bloating and acidity. Sabja is also rich in antioxidants, which can be beneficial for our body in numerous ways.

How Basil Seeds Helps in Weight Loss

Basil Seeds are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which comes from high omega-3 fatty acids present in the seed. The presence of these acids increases the fat-burning process of the body. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if linolenic acid is added to our diet daily, it can lead to a good amount of fat loss.

Basil Seeds Drink for Weight Loss

Sabja Seeds are low in calories and high in nutrients as it contains essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron along with vitamins A, B-complex, E and K. This makes it a perfect ingredient for weight management. It is best recommended to eat basil seeds after soaking them in water as they are hard to chew directly. Kindly consult your family doctor before eating sabja, as they are not recommended for pregnant women because it can reduce the oestrogen level in the body. Also, it must be noted that for overall weight loss, exercise along with a balanced diet is also necessary, basil seeds can only aid you.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)