When most people think of health, they think of exercising regularly or getting a good balance of vitamins and minerals in their diet. An interest in healthy living is on the rise — as can be seen in survey data showing millennials and Gen Z to be more likely than older demographics to “always” look for healthy food options while shopping.

But according to Alexy Goldstein, founder of New U Life, this focus can sometimes come at the expense of other aspects that play an important role in overall health and wellness.

Perhaps most notably: human growth hormone (HGH). This natural hormone produced by the body can — and should — continue to play a vital role in health and wellness, even as our bodies age.

What Is HGH?

“HGH may sound like a tech product, but it is something natural within our bodies, produced by our pituitary gland,” Goldstein explains. “It is a foundational part of the body’s endocrine system and performs a wide range of health-related functions, such as regulating body composition and metabolism. HGH levels are at their highest in childhood and adolescence, when it also spurs growth.”

For most people, the pituitary gland releases this hormone at sporadic intervals during the day. Typically, most HGH is produced at night — hence, why getting a good night’s sleep has long been associated with growth in children. However, HGH levels may also rise after exercise or intermittent fasting.

Though a person’s HGH levels may fluctuate throughout the day, it is clear that the production of this hormone plays an important role throughout early development and into young adulthood.

Why HGH Is Important In Each Stage of Life

Though HGH plays a vital role in promoting healthy growth in children and adolescents (typically peaking during puberty), it actually carries out several important functions throughout our entire lives. 

According to Healthline, this includes cell regeneration and reproduction, which helps the body build and repair tissue in the brain and other organs. HGH also helps the body build muscle mass and recover quickly after injuries. It even boosts metabolism, burns fat, and improves skin health.

However, the body’s ability to produce HGH doesn’t stay constant. “Sometime between the age of 25 and 30, the body’s production of HGH slows down dramatically,” Goldstein explains.

“This is what starts the aging process. Declining HGH levels ultimately leads to all of those unpleasant side effects we associate with aging. Weight gain, decreased stamina, slow recovery times and even sexual dysfunction can all be tied back to declining HGH levels.”

As with other hormones in the body, HGH levels can also be disrupted by other medical issues, such as chronic kidney disease, Turner syndrome or Prader-Willi syndrome. A growth hormone deficiency stemming from these and other issues can make it difficult for the body to improve bone density and build muscle mass. 

Clearly, helping the body maintain healthy HGH levels can have a significant impact on how we develop, look, and feel. 

How New U Life Is Harnessing HGH

The power of HGH has long held great interest for Goldstein, which naturally led him to look into ways to improve the body’s production of this hormone in older adults.

To that end, Goldstein pioneered the product SomaDerm®, a transdermal gel designed to maintain healthy, normal levels of natural growth hormone in its users. “From the start, we wanted to avoid using an overabundance of artificial ingredients,” he says. 

“Raw botanical herbs — ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and ginkgo biloba have powerful antioxidants that maintain health and wellness. These are things that have been used in homeopathic medicine for years and now, we’re tapping into their nutrients to help the body maintain its HGH production.”

 By applying the product to areas with thin skin (such as the wrists, forearms, or the area behind the knee), the gel’s nutrients are able to be more directly absorbed into the bloodstream to help maintain healthy HGH levels. The blood vessels help distribute nutrients throughout the body.

 “With healthy HGH levels, people have more energy and have an easier time maintaining their ideal weight,” Goldstein says. “The body is better able to maintain that youthful, vibrant look, particularly when someone also follows diet and exercise recommendations.”

 A Stronger Future With HGH

 For Goldstein, the benefits of supporting the body’s natural HGH levels is clear. As more people come to understand the important role that HGH plays in development and the aging process, he hopes they will make maintaining normal levels of this hormone a priority as part of their overall health goals.

 “A focus on maintaining natural hormone levels can become part of our normal health routine, just like diet and exercise,” he says. “A holistic approach to our health and well-being can do amazing things for how we look and feel.”