Ottawa, Ontario, May 20, 2020: Jamil Abiad, a professional  global basketball instructor and trainer, and social media figurehead, continues to provide premiere basketball training to athletes all over Canada and other parts of the world today.

Well-known and respected throughout Ottawa and Eastern Canada for his attention to detail in all of his training offerings, Abiad leverages his personal experience as an RSEQ Silver Medallist, RSEQ Champion, and professional Basketball Player.

“Through my experience as a basketball player and trainer, I have developed my own coaching methods that are aimed at syncing the body and mind in preparation to be the very best,” said Abiad. “I believe rigorous training is not only necessary at professional basketball levels, but it is also conducive to developing and honing in on one’s skills.”

Abiad has travelled the world to enhance his basketball education, working with NBA players,  top trainers, and elite athletes who have gone off to play NCAA, USPORTS, and CCAA. The level of Canadian basketball is at an all-time peak right now with many kids transferring over to the sport daily.

Abiad currently serves as the Team Believe U17 HYPERLINK ""&HYPERLINK "" U19 head coach, the Sahel Basketball Technical Director and Trainer, and the Louis RIEL Jr. Boys Head Coach.

“I am constantly working to enhance my experience and expertise on coaching basketball so I can provide the best possible services to my clients and my teams,” said Abiad. As basketball continues to grow world wide especially here in Canada more and more opportunities should be provided for this young athletes.

Abiad owns a private training company called Jamil HYPERLINK ""AbiadHYPERLINK "" – NF Fitness where he provides private, team training and camps. Lastly, to share his insights in a more informal setting with followers, and to give back to youth Abiad hosts an IGTV series called “The Journey of an Athlete Before & After., where he hopes the stories of athletes can inspire and help motivate youth.

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