Lube For Comfortable Sex: From Saliva and Vaseline to Coconut Oil And Lotions, Things You Should NEVER Use As Lubricant
Vaginal Health (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Lube, also known as lubrication is a very important part of having sex, especially if you are someone who experiences painful intercourse. For those who don't know, lubes can be used to help you reduce friction while having sex. Sometimes the woman isn't wet or lubricated enough around her vaginal canal which makes sex really painful and sometimes impossible. However, not every time is a store-bought lube available around. In fact, many times people use lube alternatives that can create issues that you don't even realise. One may think, what is wrong with using a little bit of sputum mixed saliva or coconut oil instead of lube? But they fail to realise that those things may be harmless on their own, but they are not meant to be inside of the vagina. Not only do they play with the pH of the vaginal canal but also expose your vaginal flora to a different environment that may not work with your vagina. Here are a few lube "alteratives" that are a big NO-NO:


Many people get inspired by XXX porn films and use spit as lube. Some really find it super sexy. But using your saliva as lube may not be the best idea during sex since you may be at risk of nasty infections. Saliva as Lube: Why You Should NEVER Use Spit as Lubricant During Sex like Porn Stars Do. 

Coconut Oil

This natural oil has a bazillion of health benefits, but using it as a lube alternative isn't one of them. Not only does it mess up the environment of the vagina, but may also cause infections if not cleaned on time.


Petroleum Jelly is another thing you might not want to use as lube. Very similar to coconut oil it exposes your vagina to a different environment wrecking your pH.


Experts have always advised against using any fragrant products in your vagina. Lotions are one of them. They may have chemicals you don't want the vagina to be exposed to.

Store-bought lube is always a better option when it comes to reducing friction while having sex. Many people also try using aloe vera gel and other similar products as "natural" lube but you must not try out any such tricks without consulting a doctor.