His passion for photography and the intrigue to see the world through the camera brought him to the forefront of the industry.

They say all world's an art and rightfully so as the creator up there put in all the possible colours on the canvas called earth and created a magical world for all of us. With this, he even gave birth to many other creative souls across niches, who could keep revolutionizing the art world either as a painter, actor, musician, photographer or any other artist. One thing that has remained common amongst all these creative and artistic individuals is their pure will and passion for creating something unique that could help connect with people at the most profound level. Photography is one such art that requires individuals who can communicate through the pictures they click and the moments they capture. Very few individuals are blessed with such talents, and one name that has been buzzing high lately in the industry is Gabriel Radulescu.

Gabriel Radulescu hails from Romania and the journey he has lived so far, which has led him to become the ace photographer that he is today, was something even he never imagined. It is hard to believe that the supremely talented photographer, who has already shot for giant magazines like PLAYBOY, Maxim, Harper's Bazaar, initially worked in the fitness, beauty and physical therapy niche. He attained his Sport's science degree with a specialization in martial arts and also attained his Master's in Kinesiology.

Gabriel Radulescu worked as a massage therapist and a spa director on cruise ships. Little did he know then that after gaining the experience of living in Hawaii and travelling the world, his life would take a complete turn, placing him into the world of photography. He loved photography from a very early age and then finally decided to take the bigger plunge and turn his passion into a profession. Each day has been a learning experience for this impeccable talent, who completely immersed himself in his love for photography, learning the 'its and bits' of the industry and understanding the fundamentals of the same, which allowed him to hone his skills as a professional photographer.

Currently, Gabriel Radulescu has made Dubai his home and has worked his way to the top as a top photographer. He knows how to create magic by capturing the right moments, seeing magic in everything just like children experience joy and magic in everything they see and experience. All his pictures exude his high levels of passion and pure love for photography and the kind of connection he creates between the subject and the person watching it proves his prowess and excellence as a photographer.