"I've come to realize that there's so much more to life than simply doing what others expect of you." These are the words of Sarah Jean Plumpton, Aussie-born entrepreneur, business mentor, and mindset coach, who has her vision focused outside of the societal norms of 9-5 employment and a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Sarah has built her successful business tailored to how she lives her life - by her own rules, on her own time, and using her own mindset as the source of her consistent progression and elevation. Sarah is showing the masses that we really can create the life of our dreams, and she's here to be the muse behind your motivation on your entrepreneurial journey!

Born in Port Macquarie in New South Wales and raised throughout various towns around Central Queensland, Sarah's first employment was at a grocery store at 12, where she appreciated the opportunity to learn the value of a dollar from a young age. An incredibly well-rounded individual with a diverse background of skill sets and trades, Sarah holds seven diplomas from fitness and beauty therapy, dermal science, hospitality, management, sales and marketing, and metadynamics and thought mechanics. Sarah's introduction to entrepreneurship was through her parents, who she watched grow a business from their living room as a child.

When discussing how the entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well in her household, Sarah says:

"I've known about entrepreneurship my whole life from seeing my parents grow a successful electrical engineering company. An employee mentality is not really in my DNA. I've always wanted a business. I started in my first network marketing company in 2012 and had a fair bit of success with it in Australia, so I've always been familiar with the concept of owning and growing a business".

Capitalizing on her experience in network marketing and being her own boss, Sarah created a brand called The Success Muse focused on encouraging and empowering others to follow their own path. Expanding on the success of her brand, in March of 2016, Sarah was introduced to a new network marketing opportunity. To date, Sarah has co-created an organization called Tradehouse Australia, where she currently mentors her business partners and students on becoming business owners themselves, learning new income-generating skills such as trading in the financial markets and elevating their mindsets to that of a successful entrepreneur.

When discussing the concept behind The Success Muse, Sarah says:

"I believe success is defined on an individual basis, and I want to be the muse, which means a source of inspiration, to anyone who wants to try something different and create the life of their dreams using trading as the vehicle to do so. Trading is one skill set that's really given me more than anything else I've done. So I want to pay that forward and give someone else an opportunity to thrive in something more lucrative than a 9-5 employment".

Sarah is a strong advocate for the education of life skills that can genuinely make an impact by introducing new opportunities for growth on a financial and personal level. Financial literacy is at the forefront of the learning program of The Success Muse, as Sarah believes it is crucial in how we manage our finances, which directly impacts how we think about money and the limits we place on the lives we think we're capable of creating.

"The Success Muse helps people become financially literate. This is a subject that's not taught in school. Instead, it's taught by experience through loans and credit cards, where people easily fall into debt. The community through my business is constantly pushing each other to grow in ways well beyond our finances, and truly understand that trading isn't just about the charts and making money - it's about how this money can be used to create the life that you want. Once this concept is understood, they can shed all these beliefs about money and opinions about the world that often aren't even theirs to begin with, leaving room for free thinking and dream building," says Sarah.

To date, The Success Muse contains over 380 progressive-thinking individuals with whom Sarah personally mentors to achieve their financial goals. Sarah's focus is on helping her students reach their highest income-earning potential while becoming the best possible version of themselves. According to Sarah the work we do on ourselves is just as important as the work we do on our business. Growing up, Sarah says she struggled with her self-esteem, and dedicated focus to development of her mindset to understand that her own biggest critic was herself, is what helped Sarah overcome these obstacles to become the confident leader she is today.

When discussing her perspectives on the importance of personal development, Sarah says:

"When I have conversations with my students about their struggles, 9 times out of 10, they aren't doing personal development and I don't find that a coincidence. Everything starts in the mind. Trading or running a business is more of a psychological journey than a practical one. It's so important to be constantly working on our mindset and growing as humans because the person you are when you start your business is not the person that is going to help you succeed. Success is a choice and most people choose to do the bare minimum and that's why they're not leveling up".

Sarah is truly breaking the mould and leading by example when it comes to fostering an unconventional mindset and demonstrating the courage to step outside of what's expected of her by society, to create her own version of what she expects of the world. In closing, Sarah shares her best advice for the aspiring entrepreneur:

Mindset is key. "You can't have a million dollar dream with a 40K mindset."

Everything you want will cost everything you have. "Work hard now to play hard later."

Don't take advice from people you wouldn't trade places with. "You can get where you want to go by listening to people who have achieved what you want to achieve."

Be patient. "In a society used to instant gratification, remember trading is NOT a space that can give you that - but it'll pay you more than anything else if you are patient."