The future of a country or the world in general solely depends on the youth. They are the faces and leaders of tomorrow. Their careers, goals, and decisions will affect the future life of the people of the world in, some way or the other. So, it is empirical to educate and train them now and prepare them for their inevitable roles as leaders of our society. As much as the people related to academics are concerned with building a child’s character and providing them with the right knowledge, they are oblivious to a certain stratum. It is commonly observed that children who are easier to handle and belong to an established household are prioritized over kids who come from disadvantageous households. One intellectual personality who has observed and experienced this is Patricia Demetriou. She is a professional actress who realized the importance of education early in her life and took upon the responsibility of educating neglected youth.

Every child belongs to a different type of household. Some live a privileged and happy life, whereas others in dysfunction and turmoil. It is an undeniable fact that in order to create a better, happier, and brighter world, it is necessary to provide children with a decent and tension-free childhood, so that they make better life and career choices. Inevitably, the future of our world depends on the decisions of our young minds. Youth who are not guided or educated about certain situations and life skills, is detrimental to the future of such a child, and they will most likely become societies problem later in their life. There is no doubt that youth who grow up without the proper guidance is headed from school to the prison pipeline. Having experienced this with the youth she has mentored, Patricia comprehended the need to educate our youth with competence and practices that will enable them to become leaders in the communities where they study, live and work.

Patricia grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and has lived in Europe and Asia. Her childhood was unlike the youth she would later go to school with. Her father and mother separated when she was five, and her mother struggled to make ends meet. A parentally divided household is not the ideal environment for a young child.  History is proof that children belonging to disordered families or disturbed households performed poorly in academics. Their minds lack proper nurturing, which makes them slow learners, and Patricia’s case was no different. As her parents were so busy providing for the family and managing expenses, that her studies were not emphasized. She joined the school as a blank slate, whereas other children had gripped on the basics. Not getting proper guidance from her family and the lack of mentors made her choose an easier career path – acting.

Better Late Than Never

A person should be open to learning at all phases of their lives. Agility is an important human trait, as it allows people to adjust to various life situations. Patricia’s career trajectory is a clear example that she never shied away from learning and developing for the better. As she was inspired to be an actress, she moved from her hometown to Los Angeles. She enrolled herself in UCLA and studied there while trying her hand in Hollywood. But the experience in Hollywood made her reevaluate her career choices. The negative or unpleasant experience made her realize that her interest lay in academics.

Patricia recalled her time in school and how difficult it was for her to survive without basic life skills. She felt the need to be a guiding light in the lives of such children and provide them with a future and life they truly deserve. No child deserves to see the harsh realities of life at a tender age; neither do they deserve to suffer mental pressure and low self-esteem. Instead, they should be brimming with innovative ideas and should have the vision to revolutionize the world. To turn her idea of educating children into a reality, she moved to Germany, where she completed her bachelor’s in communication. 

During her time in Germany, she began working on her vision. She laid the foundation of her charity, LifeSmart Education in 2010 and embarked on the journey to enlighten the youth. This non-profit organization aims to provide youth with opportunities to gain skills and life experiences to become active members of a global society. They enhance the availability of nontraditional educational classes and resources for underserved youth and communities. The platform helps those who need unwavering, positive life management skills. They realize that the youth are not born knowing life skills, so they must be taught and molded into productive members of society.  LifeSmart Education teaches youth how to be socially and emotionally successful and also enables them to achieve their highest potential as law-abiding global citizens. They develop educational programs for underserved youth that expand their potential. They help their students make an impact in their local community. It also enables them to expand and make an impact in global communities through international travel tours. 

With such generous and intellectual people like Patricia Demetriou, it is sure that the world is in safe hands!