Should Women Make The First Move? The Nice Girl's Guide To Asking a Guy Out
Asking out (Photo Credits: PxHere)

What if you really like a guy but you're afraid to make the first move because you're a woman! Gone are the days when men were the only ones to initiate a relationship or ask women out on a casual date. Say you are a woman who really likes this guy and you guys have been going out on dates for quite some time now. There's a little bit of flirting, funny jokes, eye contact and yet, neither of you have been able to openly express if you want to go ahead with this relationship. A reddit user seems to be going through a similar situation where she is clearly crushing big time on this guy she knows. They've gone out together several times but nothing romantic has ever happened. She's wondering if she should be the first one to make the move and here's why we think it could turn out to be great for her.

Since you said you guys hang out a lot, that clearly means he enjoys your company. He likes being around you, going around places with you and that's a positive sign. Maybe he is socially awkward or just the shy kinds who wouldn't make the first move so quickly. He might be taking his own sweet time to just go with the flow, which is fine too. Now, as for you, like you said, you've been planning to ask him out after your next outing to a "haunted house", we think think it could turn out to be good for you. Unless you act like one of those clingy, cheesy and crazy girls who would not just confess about their feelings but also be kinda pushy. Age Gap in a Relationship: What's a Good Age Difference Between Couples? – Relationship Query of the Day.

So, lady... rule #1 would be to keep it cool, casual and calm when you're asking him out on a real date. He might feel a tad bit awkward so you gotta take charge of the situation and make him feel comfortable. Don't try to be too pushy at all. Just tell him that you do enjoy hanging out with him and you'd love to see where this goes.

Also, make sure you floss and smell good because you know, what if does say yes and leans in to kiss you? You don't want bad breath or body odour to ruin your first kiss with him, do you?