HELP! My Girlfriend Is a Narcissist, How Do I Deal With Her? – Relationship Query of the Day
Narcissistic Girlfriend (Photo Credits: YouTube Stills/ Walt Disney)

Does your girlfriend seek validation from you? Does she expect you to shower her with praise all the time? Is she so self- absorbed that all she talks about is herself? Well, chances are you are dating a narcissist. People suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are so full of themselves that they just cannot think of anything else but themselves. Being self- confident is one thing and being a narcissist is totally another. This Reddit user seems to be fed- up of his narcissist girlfriend and seeks help on dealing with her. How to Spot a Narcissist? The Answer is in the Thick & Well-Groomed Eyebrows, Reveals a Recent Study.

RELATIONSHIP QUERY OF THE DAY: How to Deal With (Get Rid of) a Narcissistic Girlfriend?

A. Before digging into how to deal with a narcissistic girlfriend, let's first take a look at the signs.

1. The most common sign of narcissism is an inflated sense of self - importance. If your girlfriend is a narcissist, she would want to seek validation from you every now and then. A self- confident and strong woman won't really even ask for you to keep praising her because she knows her worth. However, if she is a narcissist, all that she'd expect from you is excessive admiration. Does Yoga Make You A Self-Centred Egoistic Narcissist? Yes Says Study.

2. Another important sign to notice is whether she brags only about herself. Every time you guys sit and have a conversation, it's always about her. Whether you're on a movie date or a dinner date or just casually hanging out with your friends, all that she does is talk about herself. Its one thing to discuss how your day went but its totally narcissistic of her to only brag about herself.

3. Narcissistic people don't really have any friends. They might randomly want to start up a conversation with just anyone and need we say, its always about them. Even if the other person has something to say about themselves, your narcissistic girlfriend will make sure she somehow connects the dots and starts talking about her experiences rather than hearing out what the other person has to say.

So You Are Dating a Narcissist! Now What?

Well, it can be pretty difficult to easily let go off her because when you bring up the word "break up" chances are less likely that she will end it peacefully. Your narcissistic girlfriend would be filled with rage, anger, despise and jealousy. So we'd suggest the best way to end things would be to completely cut off all ties. It may seem like an act of cowardice but think of it this way; If you do try and explain yourself, your reasons will fall on deaf ears. However, if you think its an extreme step and you love her dearly, you could always try and change yourself according to her whims and fancies.

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