Presently, digital marketing is a growing sector, and it seems the competitive world is going to be ruled by online promotion and branding in the coming era. Here a person can sell, promote, and can learn the ways to earn quickly. Getting acquainted with the master of this field is what the world craves for, and Swaraj Sahu is one of the leading digital marketers of the era.

Soon the virtual world will be the call of the hour- which used to be his favourite tagline, and pandemic proved that he was nowhere wrong.

Swaraj’s Background

Everyone is not born in luxuries, and people struggle to achieve ace in their professional and personal animate. Age is not a criterion in digital marketing, and the last whole decade had witnessed the dominance of this industry.

Born in the heart of Odisha, Swaraj always believed in conquering the unconquered, and his faith in tracing new learning in digital marketing with ongoing techniques shapes him the best.

His Strength

He knows where to employ the right effects for the betterment and upliftment of his clients. He has coined his mettle through his business connection with international clients and his repertoire with Indian clientele has proved him best in his field. His career is more like learning while earning while adding growth and sustainability to lives in the same field. Digital marketing strategies are changing every moment and a digital marketer needs to keep pace with the changing environment.

Success Secret

Swaraj Sahu, a 29-year-old gem, born on 7th May 1992 comes from a place where it takes ages for people to achieve what they dream for. He proved that success depends upon one’s efficiency and skills and not your place of origin. He is among those ordinary citizens who emerged as an extraordinary digital media & marketing expert. The effort, ideas, and innovation- these three mantras are needed for success in Digital Marketing.

Swaraj, a true entrepreneur says, “Chase the passion and not money, and success will be all yours!” “Persistence is the only thing that will take you ahead of everyone. Just keep on doing hard work, and be ready to get success as a disguised gift to reach you automatically.” Learning should never end, and it has taken him to the peak of success that he owns today!

Turning Point

2013 was not a regular year for him as he started his career without any mentor or business expertise. A firm faith that it was an ultimate boon for him has worked vigorously for his dream since then! Presently he is leading the race of influential entrepreneurs of India.


With procured marketing strategies and experience, he had dealt with 800+ satisfied clientele all across the globe. He believes that, let his work speaks while he is accomplishing his dream silently.

A Spanish Football League lover by nature, Swaraj Sahu,  believes in this famous quote of football, “You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others." His work is a live example of his faith!