Wherever you are in the world, Kathryn Ford invites you to breathe in Love for yourself and exhale simply everything else.

Have you been on the hamster wheel for far too long? Perhaps with your health or well-being, with your significant other, or with stress around financial matters? Are you just plain worn out from all the effects of recent events? If this high-tension time has made its presence felt, know you are not alone. Women’s Empowerment was not a term I ever thought would be in my vocabulary.  Kathryn Ford's own personal story is one of tragedy to triumph and the key ingredient in transforming my own life and supporting so many women on the planet in transforming theirs, has been learning how to effectively practice the art of Radical Self-Love. Since the specific Self-Love requirements are unique to each person, the journey into Self-Love must begin with embracing what your very own mind, body & spirit are calling for.

Practicing the art of Self-Love runs deep, but it’s very easy to get started on this magnificent transformational journey! To begin, take the first step and ask yourself the powerful question, ‘What would I love?’ Begin asking yourself this very important question all throughout the day. Not, what do I think I would like, or what do I think I deserve based on my past, the current status of my life - but What would I LOVE? Feel that in your heart and make it a great habit of mind. This beautiful healthy habit of mind will send a powerful message to your ‘inner being’ as well as benefit your ‘physical body’. This ‘feel good habit’ will direct your body to release beautiful sparkling chemicals that every cell in your body will benefit from.

Start NOW by asking yourself, what would I love to do in the next hour that would bring me joy? Then try noticing your thoughts. Don’t judge them, simply notice them. If you notice your thoughts have slipped into noticing the facts of your present conditions, gently press a beautiful internal “pause” button and bring your thoughts right back to what it is that you would love to be experiencing. See it in your mind as already present in your life. This process is magical and one of the highly effective tools to living a life of excellence. I strongly encourage you to try this out for yourself. I am confident over time you will see the results in your life transform before your eyes.

At Excellence Institute, we believe we all can thrive and live a life of excellence, no matter what! That means experiencing full spectrum wealth in every main area of your life. This includes experiencing abundance in the area of your health, your relationships and with your time and money freedom. For it is when we are experiencing this full spectrum wealth that we are indeed living a life of excellence.

If you’re ready to create the next most amazing chapter in your life and you know you’re meant for more than visit www.excellenceinstitute.com to learn more about your new beginning.