Airbnb to Let You Spend a Night on the Great Wall of China If You Win a Contest!
The Great Wall of China (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Airbnb is offering once in a lifetime stay to its lucky users and it's on top of a tower. Eight travellers will be given an opportunity to spend the night on top of the Great Wall of China next month! Yes, at one of the wonders of the world spread 13,000-mile-long! The temporary accommodation will be on the top of a watchtower from where you can get a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. It is the first time in a thousand years that ordinary people will be allowed to sleep on the world famous fortifications. To be able to enjoy the stay, you have to participate in a contest and win.

You can take along a person of your choice with whom you can share the bedroom and enjoy the night stay. With the stay being in a tower which do not have the facilities of a typical room, Airbnb will be making a portable toilet available and during the daytime, you can use the nearby visitor's centre. You will be treated to traditional Chinese multi-course gourmet dinner representing different aspects of their culture. Also, a traditional Chinese concert will be performed just for you.

There are a few rules to follow when inside the tower and they are as follows:

-Respect the neighbours, all 1.38 billion of them.

-No loud music that might disturb the ancient wall guards.

-Do not attempt to scale, skip, jump over, crawl under, or run the length of the wall

-If you see any dragons, do not disturb them, but be sure to report it. On WeChat or Instagram.

So try your luck and you may win a chance to enjoy watching the starry skies from the roofless towers of the Great Wall of China. The stay will be between September 4 and 7. In the past too, Airbnb has come up with similar offers for their customers. A night in Paris's catacombs, a stay at Abbey Road Studios and an overnight at Guinness's Dublin Storehouse were some of them.