Cherry Blossoms in Japan in October! Typhoon and Extreme Weather Sees Rare Early Bloom, View Pics!
Cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan (Photo credits: Pixabay, Couleur)

The country of Japan has its cherry blossoms as one of its prime attractions. But a typical of the spring season, a rare bloom of the pink flowers are being seen in the current autumn season. While it may be a pleasant surprise for the people, in reality, it is the adverse effects of climate change, which has caused some trees to pre-bloom. Known as "sakura" these pink flowering trees are one of the main reasons of tourism, facilitating an industry of millions. Extreme Summer in Japan is Melting Plastic Food Displayed in Restaurants Due to High Temperatures. 

The bloom that is being seen currently is not on one or two trees but almost 300 people in Japan reported seeing these pink blooming trees in the last few weeks. About 350 trees in the country have bloomed way ahead of their blossoming schedule. Japan has recently in the month of August, seen an occurrence of typhoons which has resulted in this early blooms. A tree expert Hiroyuki Wada has informed Japan's National Broadcaster NHK, "The warmer post-typhoon temperatures along with the absence of hormones to inhibit blooming could have triggered the atypical flowers. This has happened in the past, but I don’t remember seeing something of this scale."

View Pictures of Sakura or Cherry Blossoms in Japan in October

Pink blooms everywhere  




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Close up of the flowers


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Since a lot of trees lost the foliage in the storms, there is nothing to curb the bud development. The warmer temperatures in the environment could have confused the trees here and have thus started blooming. A few years earlier, the blooms were early, but by a matter of 10-15 days. This time they are almost 4-6 months earlier. But Mr Wada also says that this early bloom will not affect the actual seasoning of the plants in the spring. So right now, it is an extra delight for the people of Japan, to enjoy the trees turning pink and transforming into beautiful landscapes.