Extreme Summer in Japan is Melting Plastic Food Displayed in Restaurants Due to High Temperatures
Plastic food is melting in Japan (Photo credits: Twitter/sigesan213)

The global warming is causing so many environmental changes every passing year. The summers are getting hotter, winters colder and the rains are creating havoc. World over, there are extreme temperatures and Japan is currently having the harshest summer season. So much so, that the plastic foods kept in shops are melting! A picture has come up on the internet which shows the plastic latte kept in cup melt and fall down. Pope Francis Warns Climate Change Turning Earth Into ‘Rubble, Desserts and Refuse;’ Urges Countries to Curb Global Warming.

In Japan, many restaurants keep plastic foodstuff to show what is on the menu. It is called as shokuhin sanpuru, and is made of different coloured resins to make it look real. The plastic latte that melted was made of silicone and vinyl chloride. It was kept in Nagoya cafe display and the intense summer heat caused it to melt taking a liquid form, pouring out of the cups they were kept in. This Cafe in Tokyo Allows You to Sip Coffee With Snakes, View Pics!

Take a look at the picture of plastic latte melting in Japanese shop:

Soon after the picture came online, everyone started talking about how hot it was outside. People were expressing shock over the melting of plastic. It even made national news! According to a report, the temperature inside the food display case was 60 degrees! The temperatures in Nagoya area for two days were near to 40 degrees, causing the plastic items to eventually melt. Heatwave Due To Global Warming May Cause More Deaths By 2080, Says Study.

Japan has this tradition of displaying plastic food items for almost 90 years and it is seen throughout the country. It is to showcase how the meal will look like and also gives an idea to the non-Japanese people, what they would want to order. However, looking at the melting latte, we are not sure, how many people would even want to step out of their house in such heat.