Whether you are an avid traveller or someone who travels very often, there is always a constant need felt to travel more. The idea of travelling may differ from person to person, but everyone loves taking a good break from their routine and go exploring. And it is often the very same routine that restricts us from travelling more. As we welcome the New year 2020, a lot of you may have made resolutions that pertain to travel. Some of you may even have your checklists of places to cover in 2020. But how many times in the last few years have to actually abided by it? Travel resolutions are not as easy to keep, unless you have a very flexible routine. So ahead of New Year 2020, we give you some travel resolutions and how you can actually complete them. 15 Simple Hacks To Make Sure You Travel Like a Pro!

1. Start a 'Travel Saving' Account

Any kind of travel, requires money. And not all of us are experts at saving money. In the new year, start a new savings account which will be solely dedicated for your travel plans. You can start with a small amount but let that money will exclusively for your holiday expenditure. Planning an International Trip? Here are Tips to Plan Budget Friendly Hassle-Free Tour.

2. Plan on Long Weekends

The best way to cover more destinations without losing out on your official leaves is utilising the long weekends of 2020. Plan your vacations in advance so that you can get a good deal.

3. Use Up All Your Leaves

Each company has a specific number of holidays for its employees, other than the public holidays. So make sure, you use up all your leaves effectively and travel well. Because sitting at home and doing nothing is not as memorable as taking a nice trip.

4. Cover Local Places Around You

You need not always go to destinations that are known for their commercial tourism. Go and travel local, to places around you. There is a different experience altogether in exploring a place that is not too known about. Plus, you can always come back and boast about it to everyone rather than going to cliched spots.

5. Travel Off-Season

One of the best ways of travelling more and saving money is to go when its the off-season. Research well about a place and check when is the right time to go. Unless you want to attend festivals and events specifically, try going to places off-season. That will give you more options to explore and definitely save up on your accommodation costs.

6. Travel Solo

One thing you need to experience this year, if you haven't done before, it is solo travelling. It will also give you the confidence to explore on your own and make new friends on the way. Plus, solo travel is preferable because then you do not need to depend on your friends and family to match the dates when you'll be free to actually travel together. A lot of people cancel their travel plans because not everyone can go together. So start travelling solo and explore on your own. Travel Tip Of The Week: Travelling Alone? Things To Keep in Mind Before a Solo Trip.

These are just some of the ways to ensure you travel more in the year to come. Plus, if the budget has been a concern then some of the above tips will help you. We wish you a year full of travelling and exploring more in 2020!

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