Alligator In Swimming Pool! Video of 11-foot Reptile Emerging From Florida Pool Goes Viral
11-foot Alligator in the Swimming Pool (Photo Credits: @SarasotaSheriff/ Twitter)

The family in Sarasota County, Florida, United States of America was not really expecting an unwelcomed guest taking a dip in their swimming pool on March 30. The 11-foot alligator broke through the pool’s screen enclosure in order to gain an access to the pond. The Sarasota County Sherriff’s office captured the moment and videotaped it as one of the wildlife trapper pulled the giant reptile from the swimming pool. The first video was shared on twitter by Sarasota Sheriff with accurate hashtag #TweetFromTheBeat. And netizens are terrified by the sight.

Minutes later, the team again shared few photographs of the giant alligator. Yes, it is hell scary! Twitterati is horrified. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission informed the alligators are rarely larger than 10 feet but males can grow longer. For those who are not on social media, here we have got you the video of this frightening sight.

Watch the video of the 11-foot alligator at Sarasota County.

Some praised them wildlife trappers..

Yes, it did!

Here are the photographs as it was captured by the wildlife officials.

Hell scary!

It is the only option..

Isn’t it scary? The uninvited pool guest showed up at the home of Patrica Carver in the south Sarasota County village of Nokomis in Florida. The couple told that they were awoken by the sound of the alligator breaking into their home. As soon as Patrica’s husband opened the curtain, he saw its head and only pronounced, “Call 911, call 911!” As per various media reports, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission receive thousands of complaints related to alligators every year.