Arachnid With a Bunny Rabbit’s Head Is Supposedly Older Than the Dinosaurs! (Watch Video)
Tiny Arachnid (Photo Credits: @ferrisjabr Twitter, Photographer-Andreas Kay)

A tiny animal with a wolf-like face is going viral on social media. It is roughly the size of a thumbnail and doesn't look like anything you have seen in your life. Tiny arachnid with the black bunny head was photographed by natural scientist Andreas Kay in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest in July 2017. It looks like a black wolf or maybe a bunny rabbit. Some also think it has similarities to that of dog's face.

Science writer Ferris Jabr tweeted the image of the invertebrate animal saying, "This is not a photoshopped image. This is a real photo of an actual living arachnid, a cousin of spiders, called the bunny harvestman (Metagryne bicolumnata)But clearly it should be called THE GRIM."

He also tweeted saying, "Why did it evolve to look this way? It's not definitively known. It could be an anti-predator adaptation, similar to eyespots and faux horns. Or perhaps an ornament used in mating. Or maybe natural selection just wanted to see the look on our faces."

Here is a picture of tiny arachnid:

Watch the video below:

They are cousins of spiders and hence the long legs. It is locally known as Harvestman or daddy longlegs and do not have venom glands like popular beliefs. They are harmless and have been around for at least 400 million years, even before dinosaurs.

Kay told Rumble, "Contrary to a common belief Harvestman [sic] do not have venom glands and are absolutely harmless. Harvestmen have been around for at least 400 million years and lived even before the dinosaurs." However, the species was discovered only in 1959 by German arachnid specialist Carl Friedrich Roewer.