The year of 2020 which was no less than a disastrous roller coaster ride is about to get over in just a matter of few weeks. And people are really expecting better from the next year. So there is of course, a search for 2021 predictions, what could we face in 2021 or links for 'end of the world' theories and prophecies for 2021. When we refer to prophecies and predictions made in the past, Baba Vanga's name comes forth. If you are unaware of the name, then she is famously known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans. A blind mystic from Bulgaria is said to have rightly predicted events like the 9/11 terror attacks and Brexit. So what are some of the predictions she had made for 2020 and could they carry on in 2021? Let us find out. Meanwhile, another psychic has predicted pig flu to civil unrest in the world next year.

Baba Vanga Predictions

These are some of the possibilities that have been listed as Baba Vanga's predictions for the future. While some believe that some of them have already come true like the 2004 tsunamis and Donald Trump's COVID-19 illness. And given the way climate change continues, we need to brace ourselves for more natural calamities in the near future.

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