Bridesmaids Wear Their Old Bridal Gowns at This ‘Unusual’ Wedding; View Pics
Audrey Moore With Her Wedding Attendees (Photo Credits: audreyscoresmoore/ Instagram)

Once you have found the wedding dress of your dreams and spent quality time in it on your big day, you may end up boxing it up and never get a chance to put it on again. There are a lot of emotions attached to the wedding dress, since it is definitely gorgeous and also you have spent a pretty amount on it. To be honest, hardly any occasion arise that absolutely matches your desire to rock into that wedding gown again. Only our close people can understand that sentiment and hence they can come up with some alternative. Much like this 'unusual wedding' where the selfless bride encouraged her married female friends to sport their special dresses on her big day. Flying Veil Becomes Latest Wedding Trend In China And The Videos Look Magical. 

Identified as Audrey Moore, an actress based in Culver City, Lost Angeles, got married in December 2018. It occurred in her mind that she could use her wedding to give her friends an excuse to adorn themselves in their wedding gowns on her big day. The groom, Jesse, took to Imgur to share photos of their fantastic wedding dress code. Titled as “Jesse and Audrey’s unusual wedding!” The image shows ten women adorned themselves in wedding gowns posing around the bride, Audrey, and since then it has gone viral on every social media platform. Cute Cat Riding on the Train of a Chinese Bride’s Wedding Dress is Winning Hearts. 

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Audrey also shared the same photo on Reddit, where she explained that the unmarried female guests wore wedding dresses from their mothers or other family members. Her white-clad wedding attendees did not overshadow the bride as she adorned a princess-worthy long-sleeve powder blue gown to make it easier for people to spot her. In the comments section, Audrey also revealed that some of her friends were worried about the possibility of upstaging her, the bride kept it a secret to ensure that she stood out.