Cute Video of Cat Raises Concerns of  'Drinking Problem' on Twitter and the Reactions Are Hilarious
Viral cat video on Twitter. (Photo Credit: Screengrab Twitter/@MaddieJoel)

Footage of a cat trying to drink from a tap is going viral on the internet making people talk about the "drinking problems" their cats are having. A simple tweet of Maddie Joel containing a video clip of her cat trying to drink water from the tap but failing miserably at it is going viral on Twitter. The tweet has gathered over 72.4K Retweets and 249.7K Likes on Twitter. Maddie's cute video of her cat not being able to drink water properly had the caption "my son is really bad at drinking water." The video's popularity took Maddie by surprise and she soon retweeted it with "i didn’t expect this to blow up!! follow his insta @dinetheson and please consider adopting from your local shelter, there’s tons of animals waiting for their forever homes![sic.])"

Take a look at the cat video:

Here are some of the hilarious reactions:

They found the perfect match soon

This is hilarious!

Just can't

Here's a master

The struggle is real

Humans too


In no time Twiteratti began to churn out jokes based on the cat's drinking habit, calling it "drinking problem." Twitter seems to be having a great Sunday so far.