Demolition of Leaning Tower Of Dallas To Take Weeks After Strong Winds Grounded The Wrecking Ball On Second Day
Leaning Tower of Dallas (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The Leaning Tower of Dallas stands even on the day 2 of demolition after strong winds left the wrecking ball grounded. The Leaning Tower of Dallas has been grabbing national, international headlines and the attention of Instagrammers from all around the world.  Demolition team attempted to break the Leaning Tower of Dallas once again but the wrecking ball didn't move a bit because of the high windy temperature. Woman's Post of Dallas Policeman Clicking Selfie With His K9 Service Dog Goes Viral, He Responds With The Photos. 

Experts now say that they may take over weeks to demolish the building. However, debris was moved using huge machinery reported WFAA-TV. The wind was said to be blowing at a high speed of 20 miles an hour and it halted the 5,600-pound of wrecking ball work, a spokesperson for Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition confirmed to the local news channel of Dallas. Dallas Stripper Falls From Top of 20ft Pole On Her Face And Continues to Perform (Watch Video). 

"It's better than some of the other reasons [Dallas has] made the national news. It's a laugh a minute", people who came to watch the demolition said to the media portal. However, the demolition and development companies are investing a lot of money and manpower to demolish the leaning tower of Dallas.

For those who don't know the building gained popularity after a failed demolition attempt on Feb. 16 took place that made it look like how it does now. The leaning 11-story building soon became a popular Instagram backdrop for photos and is now referred to as the leaning tower of Dallas. The failed demolition left just part of the original structure standing.

The tower has a huge fan-following. A petition was launched to solidify it as UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a Texas Historical Landmark. The petition earned almost 1,500 signatures however, the crew had to ultimately be demolished but now as you can see, it just doesn't seem to happen anytime soon. Until then, the place is extremely popular on social media, gaining tourist attraction from all around the world.