Dussehra Wishes by Mumbai Police Is Not Just a Greeting but an Important Message to Conquer the 10 New Age Evils
Mumbai Police wishing Dussehra (Photo Credits: Mumbai Police Twitter)

Celebrating Vijayadashami also known as Dusshera, Mumbai Police took to Twitter wishing Mumbaikars on the auspicious occasion. And like always, the city police took the festival to share an important message on cybercrime. Tweeting that the new age 'Ravana' can be tackled with alertness and timely action, they portrayed the ten heads of Ravana as ten evils, most of them being cyber crimes.

Named the 'Cyber- The New Age of Ravana', the heads are named as bullying, hate mongering, stalking, cheating, misinformation, morphing, impersonation, blackmailing, phishing and fraud. Mumbai Police is known for their creative Twitter posts on social issues and others. The Twitter page of the cops often makes it to the headlines for their witty, funny and humorous references that keep their 4.65 million followers engaged. Dussehra 2018: Why Are Apta Leaves Called ‘Sona’ or Gold and Gifted During Dussehra?

The tweet reads, "The new age Ravana can still be conquered with the age-old weapons of staying alert and taking timely action. Wishing all Mumbaikars the strength of always standing by the good and against the evil. Happy Dussehra." Dussehra 2018 Greetings: From Narendra Modi, to Amitabh Bachchan Twitterati Wishes Happy Dussehra With Spiritual Messages

Here is the tweet:

Wishing 'A Happy Dussehra to all Mumbaikars' Mumbai Police Commissioner Subodh Jaiswal tweeted saying, "Thank You Mumbai for always being our strength in ensuring that good triumphs over evil" with the silhouette of Ram aiming an arrow at an effigy of Ravana.

Here is the tweet:

Mumbai Police often makes references to Netflix series, TV shows, movies and most things that the youth can relate to. Every time the city witnesses a major event, the Mumbai Police's social media team ensures to be updated on Twitter. Multiple times in the past, they have tweeted messages alerting people about consequences of various cyber crimes.