Eminem As Jalebi and Justin Bieber As Cheese Nachos Are the Funniest Reactions to ‘This Is What Your Faves Would Look Like as a Non-Human Objects’ Memes Going Viral on Twitter!
Rihanna as Umbrella (Photo Credits: Twitter/becky w/good hair)

How would the most famous people on earth would look like as non-human objects? Twitter is bursting with imaginations and the creative images are super hilarious and fun to watch! This new Twitter trend is all about people imagining how famous people would look like non-living things. People are comparing these celebs with non-living objects such as M & Ms and a Bus and various other things the Twitter threat includes a collage of the celeb picture on one side and a non-living thing's picture on the other. Twitter is flooded with these funny and creative memes. Funny Student of the Year 2 Memes and Jokes Takes Over the Internet! Check Out the Most Hilarious Ones.

Here are some of the most popular comparisons:

Rihanna as an umbrella

Louis Tomlinson as an emoji

Tessa Thompson shared her own version

Brie Larson as M&Ms

Taylor Swift as a bus

Justin Bieber as Nacho Cheese

Jennie Kim as a pillow

Beyonce as sea sponges

Ben Barnes as dishwashing liquids

Shawn Mendes as Lala

Eminem as Jalebi

Some of the results are simply hilarious, don't you think so? Imaginations do go wild and it is sometimes unbelievable.