Endangered Tokay Gecko, Believed to Cure HIV and Enhance Sex Life, Rescued by Wildlife Activist! Poachers Offered Rs 20 Lakh For the Reptile
Gecko (Photo Credits: Jayanta K Das Twitter)

A senior journalist and wildlife activist Jayanta K Das recently rescued an endangered Tokay gecko which is generally found in Assam and other northeastern states. Sharing a picture of the big lizard's palm, the rescuer tweeted that the reptile was saved from the clutches of illegal poachers. Jayanta in a tweet claims that poachers offered him 20 lakhs but he managed to flee the place. Eventually, he managed to release the gecko back to the wild. Jayanta writes that he has no regrets in losing the money and is proud about saving a reptile. Tokay gecko is of high market value is China and Korea as it believed that it can cure HIV and enhance one's sex life after the age of 80 or 90. 6 New Lizard Species Discovered in Northeast India.

Sharing a picture of the gecko, Jayanta writes, "Beautiful fingers on my palm. Rescued this endangered reptile after fighting with illegal poachers. Poachers offered me 2 million INR for it. I released in wild before they could meet me. Lost money but happy and proud forever. Please try to support." Gecko Makes Prank Calls to 'Bazillion' People From Hospital Phone in Hawaii; Here's the Story.

Check Out Photo of the Gecko Below:

Highlighting about the high demand of the gecko, he says, "It's a species of endangered Tokay Gecko found in Assam and NE states. It carries 2 million USD with them. Mostly wanted by billionaires of China, Korea etc. These people believe that medicine made from its tongue could cure HIV and it enhances sex after 80 or 90."

Here is the Tweet:

The tweet was quick to grab the eyes of social media users who praised the animal lover for his efforts. Words of praise were quick to fill the comment section. One of the comments read, "What a nice gesture. We need more people to do similar acts." Another comment reads, "Super Jayanta !! Money wouldn't have given you as much happiness as this good deed. The satisfaction that you will get will keep you happy for the rest of your life. Keep it up."

Geckos are a type of lizards which are found in warm climates throughout the world. They are found largely across Asia and is known for their medicinal value. The reptile is believed to cure asthma, diabetes and skin disorders and is also popular for in the international pet trade market. Nowadays, gecko trading has become quite common in the northeast. They are often smuggled to Myanmar and then taken to different destinations from there.