It has been exactly a month since a massive blast rocked Lebanon's capital Beirut. More than 7,000 injured people and 200 deaths, everyone was eagerly hooked to the updates of rescue after Flash, a Chilean dog detected signs of possible life under the rubble. A month following the crash that crumbled several structures, Flash detected smell and pulse in one of the destroyed buildings in Gemmayzeh districts. Rescue operations were underway to find if there were indeed some survivors under but there has no such sign. Meanwhile, pictures and videos of Flash, the hero dog have been shared on social media. George Khanisser, ‘Miracle’ Baby Born During Beirut Blast Gives a Ray Hope to the Lebanese People With His Pics and Videos.

Flash, a highly well-trained rescue dog of the brave Topos Chile team was declared a national hero after he detected the signs that no person had managed to. All hopes were pinned on the live feeds covering the rescue to see if there was indeed any miracle. Flash's instincts revived hopes among the people, even if the chances of survival were bleak. Flash has been working at the site for he last 10 days and he detected presence of vital signs. Temperature sensors were brought in which detected "breathing and pulse activity", an apparent indication of a living being present  under the debris. As the rescue operations continued through the day, there have been unfortunately no recent updates about any positive sign of life beneath the debris.

Check Pics and Videos of Flash, The Hero Dog That Detected Signs of Life:

Here's Flash

Applause for Flash

Flash in His Special Shoes

Latest Update

The above update mentions the Chilean team conducted a sensor test 8 times more than an hour and a half ago, and according to what information was received, there was no trace of any pulse. So while the rescue operations still continue, an actual sign of life after a month is very bleak. But Flash made people hope and he has become a hero for many in Lebanon.

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