Happy International Lefthanders Day! Every year August 13 is celebrated as a day for the lefties, honouring them and creating awareness about their uniqueness. The day has been observed since the 1970s. Left-handed people are a rare lot and being surrounded by right-handed people can be challenging. But being left-handed does have it sets of uniqueness and they have to adapt to others especially among the right-handed ones. On this day, we tell you some fun facts which make them so special.

Fun Facts About Left-Handed People

  • Lefties are known to be rare ones, but scientists still do not understand why the numbers differ so much. Some believe that left-handed born people turn into righties as they grow up.
  • Lefties are more creative thinkers. This is supported with science that they have more mental flexibility than the rest of the population.
  • But as unique as they are, they are also prone to some diseases. They can suffer from migraines and sleep deprivation problems.
  • Another advantage for the lefties is they recover faster from injuries. Their cognitive functions make them less likely to be affected by stroke, found researchers.
  • Your pooch could be left-handed too! A researcher found that nearly 50% of dogs favoured using their left paw.
  • Lefties are efficient at multitasking. They also have a better memory compared to the righties, so they are geniuses at school or college.
  • Left-handed people are more likely to be twins says a Belgian study. 21% of all twins are left-handed.
  • For centuries, many cultures considered left-handed people as bad omen and weak. Lefties were associated with the devil and accused of witchcraft.
  • Those who use their left-hand more are inclined to alcohol. It is due to low tolerance towards the right side of the brain.
  • The nails on their left hands grow faster compared to the nails on the right, so they have to cut their nails frequently.

These are just some ways in which lefties are more unique than the right-handed people. So there is no need to get bogged down but just celebrate your uniqueness and share these awesome facts with everyone and tell them what is it that makes you special.

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