IPS Officer Posts Picture of Couple's 'PDA' at a Park at Delhi, Gets Schooled on Twitter For Moral Policing
Couple PDA moral policing (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The societal mentality around couples hanging out together in parks or public places is very narrow. It is 2020, but some people still aren't open to the idea of seeing couples holding hands in public or sharing a light moment or two. It was even more shocking when an IPS officer, called out a couple at a park in Delhi, clicked their picture and shared it on Twitter. Her way of moral policing a couple who were spending some time together has not been received well by Twitterati. Netizens schooled her that there was nothing wrong with it and questioned about the consent of taking their pictures without their permission. Are There Any Safe Places for Young Couples to Have Sex in Mumbai, Without Getting Caught on Camera? But Are You Adult Enough?

IPS officer Aslam Khan tweeted a picture of a couple from Talkatora Gardens. The guy and girl seemed to have some light moment, both of them laughing and the girl slightly lying on the guy's lap, but nothing more crossing limits or so. Khan in her tweet said, "What do we explain to our kids when we take them to park for outing and they see this?" She further added that she took her kids elsewhere to Nehru Park. Her way of looking at the couple's public display of affection wasn't taken kindly by the netizens. People schooled her about explaining to her kids that its love and there's nothing wrong about it. Some even asked how could she take a picture of them without their consent and more so post it on social media.

Check IPS Aslam Khan's Tweet About Couples in a Park:

Where's The Consent?

Explain It's Love

It's Normal!

Love is Beautiful

There's No Indecent Activity

Learn Happiness From the Couple

As people mentioned, the couple was not indulging in any indecent exposure and just seem to be having a good time. It's a good moment between two lovers and there is nothing to catcall them. Children should be taught that it is okay and explain it as the emotion of love.