Jetpack Suit Testing Successfully Done By British Inventor Richard Browning Over Water: Watch 'Iron Man' Video
Gravity's Jetpack Suit Testing Over Water (Photo Credits: Twitter - Dan Shepherd)

With the assistance of Royal Navy vessels, Richard Browning - a British inventor successfully conducted the testing of his jetpack suit over the water. The testing was carried out off the coast of Portsmouth, southwestern England. Dubbed as Iron Man suit, it was designed by Richard Browning's firm which is known as Gravity Industries. The suit successfully took off from the HMS Dasher patrol boat.  The so-called 'Iron Man' suit aka jetpack suit is capable of flying up to 10 minutes with the maximum speed of around 51 kmph. Sachin Tendulkar Demonstrate Driverless Car Parking With ‘Mr India’; Fans Come Up With Funny Memes and Jokes on the Cricket God.

The company- Gravity Industries was founded in the year 2017 by the British Inventor himself. The footage of the test was released by the Navy late last month.

Richard Browning said, “It was a pleasure testing our suit with the Royal Navy, offering a unique opportunity to achieve another milestone in the development of our technology.”

Commander Milly Ingham, of Portsmouth’s 1st Patrol Boat Squadron stated, “The Royal Navy has been at the leading edge of technology in defence for hundreds of years – we’re proud of our traditions but we continue to explore new ideas and concepts and push the boundaries of naval warfare. The opportunity to work with Gravity Industries has offered the chance to continue our support of the British science and technology industry.”