Kiki Challenge by FBI's Most Wanted Criminal on His Way to Custody Goes Viral, Watch Video
FBI Criminal does Kiki Challenge (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The Kiki Challenge has caught on with the people around the world and how! From children, youngsters and old everyone took it up and posted their videos online. Among all the videos, a double-murder suspect from FBI's Most Wanted list, Anton Mims, too joined in while he was being escorted from a plane to car by the FBI agents. The deadly criminal was arrested from College Park in Georgia on July 31 and it was a big relief for the police, but Mims was clearly unfazed with the arrest. As he was being escorted from the plane into a waiting car, he performed the Kiki challenge's popular steps to Drake's In My feelings song!

The video of Anton Mims doing the Kiki challenge was captured by TV cameras and soon went viral on the internet. Mims had a clear smile on his face while he made a heart-shape with his hands before breaking into dance moves. He did the driving a car move and moved his hips as he was being taken into custody. The FBI officers accompanying him did not pay heed to his actions and quickly took him into the waiting car. Polish Tourist’s Kiki Challenge on PIA Plane to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day Goes Viral; NAB Slams the National Flag Carrier. 

Take a look at criminal Anton Mims doing the Kiki Challenge on his way to custody:

The Kiki challenge started when Shiggy posted a video of him dancing on the road but it has now become a problem to counter for the police authorities. There were even several accidents reported as users took to jumping out of moving cars and performing the challenge. Mims has been charged with double murder of two men at a house party in Benton Harbor on March 25. The Director of Public Safety Dan McGinnis has described him as an 'extremely dangerous individual.' He is also believed to be a hitman for a street gang in the area.