Man Finds ‘Dead Mouse’ in Rice Package; As Photo Goes Viral It Turns Out to Be Something Else
Dead mouse in rice (Phtoo Credits: @GaryPolmeer Twitter)

A man was shocked to find a dead rat in his package of microwaveable rice from Lidl. The photos of the disgusting looking meal went viral on social media with Twitter users attacking the manufacturers. However, a supermarket investigation found out that it was just a mouse-shaped mould.

Richard Leech, who received the 'rat infested' food posted a picture of it on Twitter saying, "Hi Lidl I wonder if you could let me know how this mouse got into my packet of rice?" He also mentioned that his house now smells of cooked mouse and made his wife ill. His tweet reads, "Now my house stinks of cooked mouse and my wife is uncontrollable vomiting." Pregnant Woman in China Finds Dead Rat in Her Soup, Offered Money for Abortion! Restaurant Loses $190Mn.

As the pictures of Golden Sun pilau rice went viral, people lashed out at the brand for poor hygiene. Some also questioned if they were concerned about their consumer's well being. The comment section of the post was filled with mouse jokes hitting out at the brand. Referring to the movie Stuart Little, a Twitter user commented saying, "Poor Stuart little. Pray for Stuart."

Here is the tweet:

In a reply to the tweet, the supermarket promised to investigate.  The Independent quoted a spokesperson for Lidl as saying, "It is never our intention for a customer to be dissatisfied in any way, and we were extremely sorry to see that this particular product did not meet the high standards that both we and our customers expect.

"Following contact with the customer, the matter was immediately escalated to our quality assurance team who, through their initial investigation with the supplier, was able to identify the foreign substance as mould. Whilst very rare, this can occur as a result of an extremely small hole in the pack.

"We only ever work with reputable accredited suppliers who have extensive controls and procedures in place to verify the quality of products. We are, therefore, very disappointed that our expected high standards were not met on this occasion, and are in ongoing contact with the customer on the matter."