Pregnant Woman in China Finds Dead Rat in Her Soup, Offered Money for Abortion! Restaurant Loses $190Mn
Dead rat (Photo Credits: Twitter, Weibo)

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman who found a dead rat in her soup in China was offered money to abort the child. Xiabu Xiabu, a popular restaurant has been shut down after the incident that happened on September 6. The woman was eating with her husband at the outlet last week when she saw the dead rodent in her soup. Her husband Ma complained to the restaurant staff who in return offered cash for abortion if they were worried about the health of the baby.

Ma said the hotel staff told them, "If you are worried about the baby, then we'll give you 20,000 yuan (Rs. 2,09,928) to abort it."  The woman found the dead rat after she had already had a few spoons from it. Photos of the dead rat were soon to viral on Chinese social networking site Weibo. The restaurant was lambasted for serving their customers with food equal to poison. Rats Eat Away Rs 12 Lakh Currency Notes From SBI's ATM in Assam

Here are the pictures:

The restaurant later offered 5,000 yuan (Rs. 52,479) in compensation and was also willing to negotiate. After the incident went viral, the company's share price went a downhill since last October. According to BBC, the restaurant has lost around $190 million after the incident.

Xiabu Xiabu is quite known in China and has 759 restaurants in the country. Health officials who visited the restaurant could not find any traces of rats. But the outlet was temporarily shut down for adding pooled water in the food processing areas and using produce suppliers without full qualifications.