Man Glues Spider! Twitterati Wonders if it is Cum or Gum; Awaits Birth of Spider-Man
Pic of spider goes viral (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you are arachnophobic then sighting a spider can give you the creeps. But there is one picture of a spider shared on Twitter that will totally make you grossed out, even if you like spiders! A certain man has glued spider onto a tissue paper. And people are wondering if that's a result of his ejaculation or it is glue. As most comments mention, he apparently masturbated, ejaculated on a spider and clicked a picture of it, sharing it on Twitter. He has glued a spider and while the idea itself is so gross, Twitterati was seen having a field day with hilarious comments on the picture. The picture of the spider with cum on it is going viral on social media, with people commenting about the birth of Spider-Man. Spider With Human-Like Face Found Inside House in China, Video of the Crawling Arachnid Baffles Netizens.

A Twitter user named Naz posted this extremely weird and grossing out a picture on his timeline which shows a spider covered in his cum! He captioned it, "Nigga tried to pull up on me" with an emoji. Twitter users soon started sharing the picture with funniest reactions. The picture soon went viral and the reactions on it are hilarious! Giant Hairy Spider Eats a Possum! Pic Captured by Aussie Couple in Tasmania Hotel Room Goes Viral.

Check The Picture of Spider With a Man's Cum on it:

The picture has been liked over 2000 times and over 700 retweets. While for many it might make them go 'Yuck!' for other users, it was a good matter to make jokes on. Check how some of the users reacted.

Please say its Glue!

Spiderman was born!

9 months later!

Calling FBI

Waiting for a mutant

While some were very disgusted with the pictures, others had some funny replies. Most of them called it a way of creating spiderman while others wondered, just how and why!