Money Memes Featuring Rs 100 And Rs 500 Notes Takes Over Twitter During Month End, Check Funny Relatable Tweets
Money meme (Photo Credits: @abhinavrai327 Twitter)

It's month end and so are 'poor' jokes on social media. Once again money memes are back on the internet with a bang. After #JCBKiKhudai memes, the newest meme to flood Twitter is money memes. The recent money meme shows a bundle of Rs 500 notes on one side a Rs 100 note on the other side. Meme makers have merged these pictures and coupled them with funny captions. For all those who believe that there is 'too much month at the end of your money', this meme perfectly sums up your life.

One of the captions says that the bundle of cash depicts your first day of salary while the second photo shows the last week of the month. As the pictures went viral, people took to Twitter saying how their bank account looks the same. JCB Ki Khudai Funny Memes and Jokes on Viral JCB Videos: 13 #JCBKiKhudayi Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud.

Check out the funny tweets below:


Poor bank

Students' association is going to make this meme their logo

If only conveyance charge didn't exist

Moms are the same everywhere

Why mom why?

Broke since birth

Every salary account ever

Problems of shopaholic

Money meme seems to be next big meme internet users have got addicted to. Earlier #JcbKiKhudai had flooded social media with desi meme makers churning out various memes over the fact that randoms videos of JCB machines digging grounds had thousands of views on YouTube.