Mother’s Day Nightmare: A Mother of Six Receives Cake From Her Daughter Who Died Two Days Ago!
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Imagine the ordeal of a mother who receives a pre-ordered cake delivered to her, by her daughter two days after she had passed away. To add to her heartache, the cake was delivered to her on the occasion of Mother’s Day! Isn’t it heart-wrenching?

A family living in a locality of a Muzzafarnagar district, in Uttar Pradesh, were in a state of grief when the following chain of events took place. As per a Times of India report, Rubina, who was a 24-year-old MSc student, loved her mother very much. She used to order a cake for her mom on every Mother’s Day; this time, little did she know that this might be her last present to her mom. The young girl had breathed her last on Friday.

Pursuing Master’s Degree in Science, Rubina went unconscious about a fortnight ago. The doctors weren’t able to diagnose anything either. However, she recovered miraculously. Also, she had no previous history of any illness. She suffered a stroke on Friday, two days prior to Mother’s Day, of which she collapsed and eventually succumbed.

The scenes at the grieving family’s house went bad to worse when they learned that the person who had pre-booked the cake for Mother’s Day, was no one else but their daughter. Rubina was one of the six children – four sisters and a brother – in the family.

The person who delivered the cake said that he had tried calling Rubina to deliver the cake. Since his calls went unanswered he had decided to deliver it anyway. He recalls, “As soon as I told them who had ordered the cake, Rubina’s mother started crying.”

Rubina’s mother, Mahmuda Khatim said that she was her most loved child in the family. She used to gift order a cake for her twice in a year – once on my birthday and the other on Mother’s Day. Khatim was inconsolable when she learnt that her daughter had planned this surprise before her death. She said, “Rubina’s death has left a deep scar on our hearts.”