Did you know World Trivia Day is marked on January 4 annually? If that's a no, then this one trivia you have read up today and are a part of World Trivia Day! You must be reading random facts somewhere, be it books or while scrolling through social media and some of them are so interesting, you feel like sharing them with everyone. Reading, sharing trivia is one of the greatest ways to learn so many new things by just reading one-liners! That's the whole idea of this celebration, to celebrates some trivia, read more, learn more and share more. So on this World Trivia Day 2021, we bring you some random fun facts about animals, food, drinks, science, history and so much more. Interesting Facts About Antarctica That Will Blow Your Mind Away.

20 Random Trivia You May Not Know

  1. The tall, pleated white hat which is worn by chefs is called a toque and has 100 folds. The pleats signify the chef's level of experience, the number of ways he/she knows to prepare eggs.
  2. Sarcasm can promote creative thinking!
  3. The smell you get when a grass is freshly cut is the chemicals released by plants when in distress!
  4. Bacon was used to make explosive during World War II.
  5. As per Guinness estimates, about 93,000 liters of beer is lost due to facial hair in the UK alone! Did You Know Beer Is Close Relative of Marijuana? 10 Interesting Things About the Age-Old Beverage Every Beer Drinker Should Know.
  6. Almonds are not nuts, unlike popularly categorised. They are seeds.
  7. In Melbourne, trees were given email addresses so people could report problems. However, the trees received more love letters.
  8. You can hear a blue whale, the world's largest animal's heartbeat from 2 miles away.
  9. Bubble Wrap was originally intended to be used as 3D wallpaper.
  10. Iceland and Greenland are very ironic names, as Iceland does not have ice and Greenland has very little greenery!
  11. It takes light a total of 8 minutes to reach Earth. And it is to be noted in space, light travels at 300,000 kilometres (186,000 miles) per second.
  12. In 1886, US Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes are vegetables. Although the debate whether it is fruit or a vegetable still continues.
  13. Listening to music is said to release the same feel-good hormone (dopamine) it does during sex and eating. War Songs and Lullabies Behind Origins of Music.
  14. The nursery rhyme "Mary Had A Little Lamb," is based on true story. There was a girl named Mary Sawyer. She lived in Boston and one day was followed to school by her pet lamb.
  15. There are more people in Monaco’s orchestra than in its army.
  16. An average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world.
  17. Grasshoppers do not have ears on the side of their head like most creatures on the earth. But they have a sound detector thin membrane called a tympanum or "eardrum" in their stomach!
  18. Octopus are known for their eight arms, but they have three brains and blue blood! Octopuses Are Captured Punching Fish for No Apparent Reason in Fascinating Video, Scientists Say They Do It ‘Out of Spite’.
  19. Pound cake is called so because there was a pound of every ingredient in the original recipe.
  20. Marcus Licinius Crassus was known as the wealthiest man in Rome and after his death, molten gold was poured down his throat.

Did you know any of these facts before? And which of the above did you find the most interesting? Do share them with your friends and family. And also share with us in the comments section if you know of similar random, amazing trivia.

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