Oh Deer! Watch Viral Video of a Stumbling Deer Accidentally Recreating Phil Collins Hit ‘In the Air Tonight’
Stumbling Deer Accidentally Recreating Phil Collins Hit ‘In the Air Tonight’ (Photo Credits: YouTube Screengrab)

Thank you, internet! For your unimaginably funny collections of memes and videos that makes every day a lot more engaging and hilarious at the same time. YouTube and other social media platforms are a great place to kill some time. There are always some newly uploaded videos that are very basic but will have you and your friends dying with laughter, with the creativity of the person who uploaded. Just when you needed; a short video is going viral to give it a kick start to your weekend. And the joy is coming in the form of a deer who accidentally recreated the famous drum solo in the 1981 Phil Collins hit, "In the Air Tonight" by stumbling over a children’s play set, giving us, “in the deer 2nite.” Neurosurgeon ‘Operates’ On a Young Patient’s Teddy Bear; See Heart-Warming Pics That Went Viral. 

The video has been uploaded by a YouTuber Josh Ballico which quickly could now be seen all over the social media platforms. Netizens cannot get enough of it. In the video, a deer emerging from the woods can be seen, casually walks through a plastic playhouse in someone’s backyard. The deer walk through the playhouse thinking it could climb the slide. But it ended tripped over the whole thing and walked away like a pro!

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The short video synced with the Collins classic “In the Air Tonight”. For some reason, it worked and is funny. It is not clear as to who took the video or even why the deer decided to go over the playset instead of just walking around it. There are many questions. Well, we should only let the mystery be and enjoy the 18-second video with the amazing sound; a fantastic piece of the internet art.