Pet Dog Saves Owner from Being Bit by a Rattlesnake; Photos of Hero Taking the Nasty Bite on Face Goes Viral
Pet Dog Saves Owner from Being Bit by a Rattlesnake (Photo Credits: Paula Godwin/ Facebook)

Dogs are popular to be man’s best friend because of their boundless loyalty and willingness to protect their masters. Its natural for a dog to ensure that his master comes to no harm. Over the time we have heard numerous stories of pooches that risks their lives to save their owner without a second thought. Yet again, a golden retriever has become a hero to socialites after he saved his human being bit by a rattlesnake during a hike over the weekend in Arizona. While on the process, the brave pet named Todd took the nasty bite to the face and Twitterati cannot stop but praise his daring attempt. The photos of him smiling despite being hurt and his positive attitude have gone viral.

On June 29, owner Paula Godwin from Anthem, Arizona on Facebook said that she and her two dogs Copper and Todd were hiking “bright and early” in the morning. Everything was fresh and a peaceful walk until Godwin almost stepped on a rattlesnake lurking on the trail. Just when she was about to step on it, Todd spotted it and jumped in front of his owner’s leg. Unfortunately, the rattler bit him in the face which caused his cheek to swell dramatically. After the incident, Goodwin posted the photos of the recovering six-month-old retriever on her Facebook with the caption; “My hero of a puppy Todd saved me,” and narrated the entire incident.

Photos of brave Todd smiling despite being hurt melts our heart! 

Todd was taken to the Anthem Animal Hospital at Arizona for his treatment and is expected a soon recovery. Popular Twitter account, We Rate Dogs posted the story about Todd and it has been retweeted nearly, 81,000 times (and still counting) till now. This is one out of so many daring stories of pets putting their lives in danger to save their humans. We are indeed grateful to be around our four-legged friends value us so highly. Get well soon Todd!