Pune, January 15:  Showing courage and expertise, a woman passenger took over the wheels of a bus full of passengers after the driver had a medical emergency. The Pune woman took to the driver's seat like a fish takes to water and ensured the safe passage of the passengers and the driver.

Yogita Satav, a 40-year-old woman, was one of the passengers in the bus. The passengers were returning from a visit to a place.

Suddenly, a woman from the group noticed the bus driver getting fits. There was an air of panic when the other passengers learnt about the situation. The driver was in need of urgent medical help.

This is when the 40-year-old Yogita Satav stepped forward. The courageous lady took control of the situation and stepped up the driver's seat.

Watch The Video Below:

The brave lady, who drives a car but had not drove a bus before, not only rose to the occasion, but also took on the challenge of ensuring a safe passage for the driver and other passengers. The driver could get medical help on time and the passengers breathed a sign of relief.

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