A 33-year-old Iraq War veteran identified as Ronnie McNutt went live on Facebook and did something unexpected at the platform. He picked up a rifle which misfired, sparking frantic calls to family and friends. Ignoring his loved ones' calls and pleas, he tragically took his own life. McNutt’s family, friends and close relatives are unfortunately being confronted by that extremely distressing moment again as the video of the death is shared on social media and viewed by many, including young children. It has created a significant debate on the internet. The graphic video of the 33-year-old dying by suicide on Facebook live has spread from there to TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and now YouTube. In most cases, his image ran alongside ads and attracted thousands of more views. This is why #ReformForRonnie is trending online as netizens urge for a social media reform. Facebook Won't Let French Euthanasia Campaigner Having an Incurable Degenerative Disease, Livestream His Own Death. 

Not only mental health, the tragic death of the war veteran has led to criticism of Facebook and other social media platforms for failing to block the footage. The clip in question was not taken down for more than two hours, allowing it to recirculate on Instagram, TikTok and other sites. Along with calls for social media reforms, it has also cast a spotlight on McNutt’s life and struggles in the days and even years leading up to his death. Man Suffering from Blood Cancer Commits Suicide Live on Facebook in Darjeeling. 

#ReformForRonnie was launched by a friend of McNutt’s, Josh Steen, who was quoted saying in a media report, “The live stream had already violated Facebook’s community guidelines before I even joined. Had Facebook intervened in some way, I don’t think that he would have taken his life because it would have stopped what was going on.” Because his video was not instantly removed, Steen says that it has made it more difficult for McNutt’s near ones to mourn his death, who now come across images of his death on social media. Along with #ReformForRonnie, #2hoursand41minutes is also trending online to highlight the amount of time it took for the platform to remove the clip.

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McNutt, who is also an autoworker regularly attended church, was a member of a Comicons club and also wrote comic book reviews for websites. Steen revealed to media reports that McNutt struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in the Iraq War between June 2007 and March 2008.

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