The internet can be such a weird place at times, or rather weird people! A lot of people rely on online reviews before buying the product, to understand its quality, whether the purchase is worth it. But a man in India gave a bad review to cow dung cakes, because he ate it! For the uninitiated, cow dung cakes are used in religious ceremonies like havans in India. They are also an excellent fuel but a man seemingly took the word 'cake' too seriously! He went on to eat and suffered from upset stomach and loose motions. He gave a bad review for the product which has now come up on Twitter and going viral. Netizens are trying to wrap their heads around this person and his idea to even think of eating it in the first place. Man Gives Chennai Police Station 4-Star Rating on Google Review and Internet Can't Stop Laughing!

The review is dated back to November 2020 but has come up online after a Twitter user Dr Sanjay Arora shared it. The picture highlights a review for cow dung cake that reads, "Ridiculous taste!!!! It tasted very bad when I ate it. It was grass-like and muddy in taste. I got loose motions after that. Please be little more hygienic while manufacturing." The reviewer also added please pay attention to taste and crunchiness! Why, why would someone do that, you wonder? You're not alone. The tweet is going viral with similar funny reactions. Best Sex Toy Ever? Mum's Elaborate Review of Vibrator Giving Unending Orgasm Goes Viral and The Product Sells Out!

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This reminds us of a similar bizarre review that went viral of Naya Nagar police station in Maharashtra's Mira Bhayander. The detainee had written he would like to get arrested again as he was given a good treatment! In case of the cow dung cake review, it is possible that this might not have been a verified purchase but someone just reviewed it for the sake of making a meme. But after the tweet went viral, over 8,000 people have marked it as useful!

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