In a strange case, a woman managed to tackle an armed robber by performing oral sex on him until the police arrived to arrest him. The woman performed oral sex on the robber who had hijacked a petrol station and managed to distract him until cops arrived. After which she reportedly said 'Take Him, I Can't Anymore'. The bizarre case has been grabbing headlines as the 24-year-old thief was arrested after the woman took it upon herself to hold the robber.

The robber reportedly forced a staff member at the station to hand over cash during a terrifying burglary in Bratislava, Slovakia in the early hours of Wednesday. The male shop assistant then fled to the back office after allegedly being punched in the face by the ruthless robber.

According to the TASR news agency, citing a police source, a mystery woman entered the petrol station via a back door willing to help staff stall the criminal. The female - who is not believed to be an employee - reportedly performed an oral sex act on the 24-year-old thief in a bid to stop him fleeing.

A staff member on the premises had already called the police who arrived to discover the woman and the robber lying naked on the floor, reports say. It is not clear if the woman performed the reported act on the man out of fear of being assaulted.

Bratislava police spokesperson Michal Szeiff told TASR: "In one of the rooms, the officers saw the man receiving sexual services from the young woman." According to local media, the woman told police when they arrived: "Take him, I can't anymore." Mr Szeiff said the thief resisted arrest forcing cops to "use force" to detain him.  in Tamil Nadu India, a wife bit off her husband's penis, after the latter found her in a compromising state with her lover. She was arrested from Thuraimoolai village. A similar incident had taken place in Muzaffarnagar, where a wife in a fit of rage chopped off her husband's penis for staying with his second wife, and neglecting her in Uttar Pradesh.  A few months ago, a kidnapped woman, who was being sexually assaulted, bit off the penis of the man who was allegedly assaulting her on knifepoint in South Carolina. Just a couple of months ago, a Nigerian woman bit off her husband's penis after a violent brawl in which the man had reportedly "left marks on her breasts". After a violent clash, the husband had gone to sleep when the accused woman bit off his penis.

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