Vellore, August 3: In another shocking incident, a wife bit off her husband's penis, after the latter found her in a compromising state with her lover. Tamil Nadu police have arrested the woman from Thuraimoolai village. According to a Times of India report, the incident took place when Senthamaria and wife Jauamthi were at a play at the village temple. The woman had gone to the washroom and didn't return after an hour. Her husband went in search of her and found her in a compromising position with a villager.

The man threatened to make their relationship public, and the woman in a fit of anger bit off a portion of his penis. She then fled from the spot, along with her lover.

A Similar incident took place in Muzaffarnagar, where a wife in a fit of rage chopped off her husband's penis for staying with his second wife, and neglecting her in Uttar Pradesh. The man had to be immediately rushed to the hospital because he was in a critical state. The victim had married for a second time with the consent of his first wife. Since he did not have a child with his first wife, he started spending more time with his second wife, and more after they had a baby together. This angered his first wife, and she chopped of his genitals.

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