Someone Reimagined Robert Downey Jr As Disney Princesses, and We Want Avengers: Endgame Star to React to It!
Robert Downey Jr as Disney Princesses (Photo Credits: Twitter)

I love Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Yes, they are all same, and RDJ is getting paid millions by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to play himself on screen. No more discussion on this. Moving on to my next favourite – Disney. Yes, I love Disney Princesses. And what happens when two of your favourites come together – pure bliss. If you are also a die-hard fan of the Hollywood actor and Disney princesses, then get ready to see the most beautiful thing on the internet. Avengers Endgame Becomes Highest Opener in China with over $100 Million and It Doesn’t Even Surprise Us.

A Twitterati who goes by the name “loki is not dead dont fight me” (👀) and handle @mculokii, started a thread, reimagining Robert Downey Jr as popular Disney princesses. He/she began by posting a pics of RDJ and Snow White side-by-side. The 54-year-old's ensemble in a red, yellow and blue matched with Snow White’s iconic look.

The thread then continues to draw parallels between RDJ's attire and those of other princesses such as Cinderella, Aurora aka the Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, Merida, Pocahontas, Fa Mulan and Moana. In all the pics, the Iron Man star's clothes match the colour-schemes of the Disney princess'. 5 Reasons Why It Is Impossible to Recast the Iron Man of Our Generation Any Time Soon!

The internet is filled with gazillions “Disney Princess reimagined as” works. We have seen them recreated as modern-day millennials, career women, female celebrities, badass warriors and even as villains. But this one with the ‘Godfather’ of MCU Robert as Disney princesses is a whole new level of awesomeness. It makes one wonder how cool it would be if Robert himself commented on the thread.

Anyhoo, enjoy this super-amazing thread that will have you lifting your jaw off the floor. Avengers EndGame: Robert Downey Jr the Only Marvel Star to Get the Full Script, Reveal Russo Brothers, and We Are Hardly Surprised by That!

Robert Downey Jr as Snow White

Robert Downey Jr as Cinderella

Robert Downey Jr as Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty

Robert Downey Jr as Ariel, The Mermaid

Robert Downey Jr as Rapunzel

Robert Downey Jr as Belle

Robert Downey Jr as Merida

Robert Downey Jr as Tiana

Robert Downey Jr as Pocahontas

Robert Downey Jr as Fa Mulan

Robert Downey Jr as Elsa

Robert Downey Jr as Anna

Robert Downey Jr as Moana

Tony Stark Acting Like Robert Downey Jr (Shouldn't It Be Other Way Around)

Robert will be seen in Avengers: Endgame, set for an April 26 worldwide release. And there is great suspense on whether MCU’s 22nd instalment be his final movie for the hit franchise. The fans are waiting with bated breath for this big reveal. After all, it was Robert who laid the foundation ten years ago with Iron Man! Oh my God, tears already.