'Storm Area 51' to See Aliens Cancelled! Facebook Takes Down Event For 'Violating Community Standards'
Storm Area 51 cancelled (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The plan to raid on Area 51, the classified military base in Las Vegas, Nevada which is believed to hold aliens, has been cancelled by Facebook. The event had garnered fame through social media due to a Facebook page 'Storm Area 51'. It garnered further mileage as over two million Facebook users signed up for the event. The further push came after talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Stephen Colbert spoke about it on their respective shows. However, after all the hype, talks, discussions and debates, the Facebook event has now been taken down. 'Storm Area 51' Raid to Search Aliens! Facebook Event Invites Everyone to Search for Extra-Terrestrials in Nevada on September 20.

The event description on the Facebook page was as follows: 'We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them, aliens.' Some people even went to the extent of booking hotels in the nearby towns of Rachel. So much so that the US military had to warn people to not actually follow through the raid. However, people believed that they would actually be able to see aliens in Area 51. But now Facebook has deleted the page and alien lovers seem to be heart-broken. Storm Area 51 Event Training Video Goes Viral, Funny Clip Shows People Practicing How to Rescue Aliens.

It seems that Facebook took down the page on August 3 for violating their community standards. The event creator, Matthew Roberts, posted a screenshot on his personal Facebook page saying that the social media site took down the event as it "went against" Facebook's "Community Standards." As Roberts' mission to raid Area 51 has now been cancelled, he then created a Facebook page scheduling an actual Area 51 festival in Rachel on Septemeber 20, the same date on which the raid was initially planned. However, Facebook took down that as well. Storm Area 51 Raid Facebook Event: US Air Force Gives Out a Warning to Millions Registered.

Check Out The Facebook Post Below:

Roberts told CNET, "I never got any reason behind the event being removed. I created a sister event which amassed about 15,000 people before being taken down for no reason. I think it's pretty reckless of Facebook, especially because I'm trying to direct people away from storming the base. And now I've lost my entire audience." The Facebook event had lead to tonnes of memes and jokes on social media. With the suspension of the event, some have now decided to modify the event and begin with 'storm Facebook'. Well, we are not sure how that is going to end!