Storm Area 51 Event Training Video Goes Viral, Funny Clip Shows People Practicing How to Rescue Aliens
Storm Area 51 Event Training (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/

Are UFOs real? We surely don’t know about that, but millions of people have signed an online Facebook event to raid the top-secret US military base in the Nevada desert known as Area 51. The mock 'Storm Area 51 Facebook' event has gathered international headlines, uncountable memes and many viral moments. While we are unsure if any certain event is going to occur at all,  the United States Air Force has given out a warning against the idea. And now, a hilarious viral video shared on Instagram shows how rigorously one may need to train to help the aliens escape Area 51. 'Storm Area 51' Raid to Search Aliens! Facebook Event Invites Everyone to Search for Extra-Terrestrials in Nevada on September 20. 

The video was posted by an Instagram user, apiecebyguy who creates funny memes and videos. In the video, a man can be seen engaging in various exercises, including mini obstacles, walking on a treadmill carrying some “extraterrestrial” weight, moving a cart and other types of tough training. Because, helping the aliens escape from such tight security is no cakewalk.

Rigorous Training is On  (Watch Video):


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Conspiracy theories about Area 51 have always intrigued people. Its top secret testing facility and the US government does not want you anywhere near the area. The closest one can get to Area 51 is 15 miles away from the place. Although, the recent Facebook event, signed by millions of extraterrestrial fans are presumably a mock gathering, the US Air Force does not find it any laughing matter. They strongly discourage people from even attempting to visit this confidential area.