This adorable puppy, a pug could not control his happiness as he was dancing around the snow. It was the first time he enjoyed the snowfall. The clip is from Northwest England.Watch Video:

The fear of Coronavirus has led the streets of China empty. People are all stuck at their homes. Amid the scare, they are spending evenings finding comfort in humour and video games among others.Watch Video:

A Texas father got chance to hear his dead son's heartbeat. In the emotional video, the father can be seen listening to the beats through a stethoscope in organ recipient's chest.Watch Video:

A video of a girl who broke down after she discovered that her boyfriend is cheating has gone viral on social media. The teenager was devastated moments after finding out her partner cheated on her. The TikTok clip has garnered over 2 million views.Watch Viral Video:

@babycarlie“i’ll never cheat on you”♬ original sound - babycarlie

A viral picture has sparked a social media debate. Is it a dog or a pig? Some even guess it to be a goat. However, after gathering all the context and clues, internet users are convinced that it is a dog.View Pic:

Okay, It's A Dog!

A beautiful video of a Dolphin mother playing with her calf in water off the coast of St. Petersburg in Florida has gone viral on social media.Watch Video:

Like every day, traditionally Twitterati has shared motivational messages to kick-start the day. #SundayMotivation and #SundayThoughts are currently trending on Twitter with Tweeple tweeting inspirational words.Check Tweets:

Wake up to the Sunday morning! Everything must be so warm and pleasant around you, unless you are the unfortunate ones who woke up to head to work on a Sunday. And students, you got to study as the board examinations are on, but you can still enjoy this holiday by not taking too much stress while preparing. Social media is a lot happy place this morning, because users are sharing positive thoughts and greetings, inspiring everyone to enjoy the last day of this weekend. In this blog, we will keep you updated with the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that netizens are sharing today, February 16, 2020.

Post Valentine’s Day, it is time for Anti-Valentine Week, which is intended to make fun of the lovey-dovey week we just passed. It was Slap Day yesterday. As expected, users took to the internet to share the funniest memes, available online. On January 16, the anti-valentine observes Kick Day, where you basically take revenge from your ex-partner. We definitely anticipate a high involvement among the netizens in cracking funny jokes. Apart from the anti-valentine theme, there will inevitably be more viral moments in terms of videos and memes related to the trending topics, being discussed around the world.

Enjoy your Sunday and watch out this space to see what is captivating the internet users. We promise to keep you updated with all the latest occurrences from around the world. Happy Sunday!