Arjun and Kriti's latest outing where they even struck a pose like the star-crossed lovers from the James Cameron film, Titanic. And Instagram is loving it. Read the entire story here.Check Pic:
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Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty confirmed that the Golmaal series is to get another film. Twitter is talking.Check Tweet:

Several videos of elephants are shared online. One of them has come up online, which shows an elephant barging into West Bengal's Hashimara Army Canteen.Watch the video here:

A funny picture of a cat enjoying the bike ride and sitting tight as a pillion rider was shared on Twitter. The picture has indeed grabbed all eyes. Watch the pic here:

A very nice video of Russian military cadets singing Indian patriotic song of "Ae Watan Humko Teri Kasam" has been shared by the Indian Army. The video will fill one with pride.Watch the video here:

While the internet was already making some memes over pictures of Baby Yoda, there's another clip of him drinking soup that has got funny meme reactions.Check Some Tweets Below:


The festive holiday of Thanksgiving was marked on November 28 this year. And after enjoying an elaborate feast, people are now expressing gratitude to the leftover meals. So love for the leftover meals is seen on Twitter.Check some tweets below:

Its the weekend but not everyone has a holiday. So to get you going through, netizens are sharing positive quotes and messages for the day.Check some tweets here:

Saturday is here! It is just the day after Black Friday and now that you have bought all the unnecessary items in the sale. Here we are with a new day. The day has begun on beautiful thoughts and positive messages that are being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. Hashtags such as, #SaturdayThoughts, #SaturdayFeels, #SaturdayFeeling and #SaturdayMotivation are among the top trends of the day.  Do keep up with this viral live blog throughout the day to remain updated with funny memes and viral videos of the day.

The day is quite eventful. It is Computer Security Day, the Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare, and many tweets revolve around these events. The day also ends the month of November and tomorrow December starts and you know what it means! Only 31 days to 2020. A new decade begins with new hope and beautiful thoughts.

With the weekend officially starting, people are also sharing everything they plan to do with their days off. Saturday and Sunday are all about fun and frolic with no work at all. Well, if you want to keep yourself updated with all the burning events on social media stay with us on this live blog. In this viral live blog, we will keep you updated with anything that goes viral and hits the trending page. Be it a super cute video or funny memes, we will keep updating you from time to time about the happenings in the world, not just India. Stay tuned.