Herds of deer were spotted walking in Uttarakhand society recently following the Coronavirus lockdown. Many videos and pictures of wild animals and birds taking a stroll on empty roads have gone viral.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a dog walking with a pair of sunglasses and a parrot sitting on its collar has gone viral on social media platforms. The video has left social media in splits.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a dog doing yoga with its human has gone viral on social media platforms. Twitter user Amanda in Atlanta shared the clip with the caption, "Just in case you need it, here’s a dog doing yoga in Italian. You’re welcome."Watch The Video Below:

The Denver Zoo released footage of its four-week-old one-horned rhino calf rolling around and adorably playing with water. The video has gone viral on social media.Watch Video:

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar announced that Doordarshan will start re-telecast of mythological series Ramayana. Soon #Ramayan began to trend on Twitter with users getting nostalgic amid the coronavirus lockdown.Check Tweets:

Pam Pilkinton Anderson and Pat Pilkinton Norris, who perform together as the Chillbillie Twins, wrote and recorded, "Corona Virus Blues." The song is about everything related to COVID-19. From not finding toilet paper to hand sanitizer, this song rightly depicts how the virus has impacted our daily lives.Watch Videos:

A rock by the beachside has been painted to look like a shark and the result is scary! The picture is said to be from Palolem beach in Goa.Check the pic here:

A man named Joseph has made an amazing creation using machines that ensures he gets a piece of cake on his plate without having to move. The video of his creation is winning the internet. Watch the video here:

Two puppies went on a field trip to Georgia Aquarium, after it was closed to the public because of Coronavirus lockdown. Cute video of them enjoying looking around, watching all fish has been shared online.Watch the video here:

It's Friday, that means those of you, who have been working from home, it is almost time for the weekend. To begin your Friday morning, motivational quotes and images have begun to trend online.Check some tweets below:

Ideally, Friday is the most loved week-day among people, but now with coronavirus lockdown people are homes with their families. For those working from home, Friday definitely comes with a sense of relief. People have taken to social media platforms sharing inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts with the hashtags #FridayFeelings and #FridayThoughts. And as the day progresses, we promise to keep you updated with everything happening on social media platforms. From funny memes, hilarious GIFs, trending stories to the latest update on coronavirus worldwide, we promise to keep you updated with everything on the internet.

March 27 marks various festivals and events around the world. It is also also the birthdays of a number of celebrities including Renuka Shahane,

Ram Charan, Imran Tahir, Akhil Kumar, Nathan Fillion, Quentin Tarantino, Mariah Carey and Fergie. It also marks World Theatre Day which appreciates the artform and creates awareness on the importance of theatre. It also marks Matsya Jayanti 2020 which celebrates the birth anniversary of Matsya, who was the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu during the Satya Yuga.

In the age of social media, everything has the capacity to go viral. Stay tuned with this live blog to know about trending topics related to coronavirus which has gripped countries. We promise to keep you on updated with every bit of information on topics related to it. Meanwhile, we wish you a Happy Friday followed by a great weekend! We hope you guys stay safe and healthy during these tough times.